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Naviate for Revit
Naviate for Revit

All things related to Naviate for Revit.

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Automatically create door drawings in Revit using Naviate Architecture

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Naviate for Revit

Excel exports

I'm having problems exporting to Excel from Revit, in cases where for example a room number begins with 0009 the exporter disregards the zeros and the result in the exported file is 9.

This also happens with some room... (More)

Mensaje Error al Instalar Naviate Rex

Al querer instalar el NAVIATE REX para la versiĂłn 2021, su instalador me arroja un mensaje de error en la cual indica: que no encuentra la ubicaciĂłn del softrare, lineas abajo el detalle:

Batchplot problem

Hi, after a computer reinstall I can no longet get the batch plot tool to work. It keeps binging my sheets into one .pdf file regardless of me selecting "singe file" as output.